Land Ahoy!!

Well that happened quickly…

So it only seems like about half an hour ago myself and Ellie were thinking about the possibility of ‘buying a bit of land’ and then, well, would you believe we’ve gone and committed to buying something and signed an agreement.

Now whilst we’ve only signed an expression of interest at this stage the only real way back now is if the sellers pull out (unlikely as they’re land developers) or if we suffer some sort of financial disaster (will try not to) – Basically next week we’ll get the full contract come through which will require a slightly more significant down payment and then we wait until Oct / Nov before the land becomes available to build on……Oh wait? You mean to say you think we know what we’re buying into? Err, no….It’s all from a plan that actually hasnt been dug up, flattened and turned into anything vaguely resembling a well prepared ‘lawn’ at this stage…


So, what did we get? Well, currently we live on ‘acreage’ which funnily enough as the name implies is roughly an acre of rented land and house space which we’re kind of enjoying – The current rental rolls downwards to the river and as such loses about 40% of it’s usability as it gets close to the bushes that border onto the river (Trust me, you don’t really want a nice clean area and a ‘jetty’ on your property into the river as once a year you’ll get a bill from the council when they want you to come and pick it up downstream after yet another biblical flooding) – So the new place is 2214m2 which roughly equates to just over a half acre of land, however, it’s totally flat land, all usable with no muddy rivers or bushubs in site.

Lot 63 Disclosure Plan

As mentioned it’s a new development in Karalee which is where we live now, the benefits of which will be that we aren’t right at the end of the rivers oxbow and now don’t have to drive 15 mins to the shops, to work, to air cadets and the freeway everyday – To be honest I reckon it’ll save $10k a year in fuel and not having to bump into the many million speed bumps & roundabouts along the route – But the main reason, and this is going to sound quite sad, is because shortly after the land is provisioned it will be connected up to NBN…INTERNET!!!!….Now, as a Father of two internet hungry little bleeders and the husband of a wife who has a direct VPN feed to the Daily Mail (of which I consider to be the least accurate journalistic organisation on the planet) this is actually a substantial advantage in life worthy of moving. As it stands Internet access in Australia is utterly dreadful, I mean, seriously, we have some amazing modern infrastructure in terms of road and rail networks and nobody seemed to realise at any point that whilst these things are being built, maybe we should chuck a bit of fibre in a pipe at the same time??   I mean, come on, even in the UK back in 1989 I was pulling fibre into buildings around London so they were ready for the information age and the UK cant even decide if they want to be part of a continent or not?


I digress….So the land bit has been selected, it’s on town water and sewage which, unlike other parts of Karalee will save a bit of money on installing those systems etc. The main thing now is to start looking at ‘what house’ to put on that land. There are so many to choose from in Aus, plenty of ‘off the peg’ designs all of which you literally sign a contract with a supplier and they build the whole thing from foundations to putting up the washing line, though it makes sense to have a look at the reviews of all of these companies as when you read some of them there’s no way in hell you want some of them putting up the foundations let alone the washing line….

I have many ideas….All of which involve the following imagery…

Being the horrid, belligerent, evil person I am I’ve selected to start putting a tender together that three companies can bid on for the work in the hope that we’ll get some extras thrown in for free (e.g. solar power, stone kitchen worktops, platinum finished washing line etc) – We have some idea of what we want but there’s so many things to choose from sometimes I almost think it’s better to let the companies meet our needs and give us a plan.

Anyway, from my perspective I want the following:

  • A firepit in the garden with a log pile to just have a fire and cook marshmallows with George as and when I feel.
  • A large shed to do ‘manly’ things in including playing darts, drinking beer, playing pool and pretending to do maintenance things to a car whilst wearing an oily vest.
  • Provision of a swimming pool in which to survive a Queensland summer because to be quite honest I shall be useless from the months of October through to May if one is not installed.
  • Somewhere to park the camping trailer
  • Building of a house – Optional


Oh well, this will give me something to provide a planning focus until I get back from Fiji – See you in six months 🙂











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