This certainly wont be a long post but hopefully one that’s a little more interesting than the rants of the last 14 months whilst at home in Brisbane. It would appear that I’m finally back in the realm of gainful employment though some would certainly argue that it doesn’t count as a ‘proper job’ – However, if the bank credits are going up rather than down I guess that’s good right?

So I did a couple of courses with a company called RedR back in February, these were with a view to being able to get registered with the UN rapid deployment teams in the event of a humanitarian response requirement – Ultimately the people on the register have a ‘skill’ that’s in demand, they’re the sort of people who’ve traveled fairly extensively and have already been deemed ‘suitable’ and correctly ‘vetted’ to be able to deploy at short notice.

I finished the long selection process recently and literally within a couple of days of being accepted a register role came up that required an ICT Officer to head to Fiji to assist with the recovery process post hurricane Winston earlier this year….Long and short of this story is that I applied, was accepted, dodged a few visa / passport issues and am now sitting in an apartment in Suva about to start my first full day of work tomorrow morning – Bula!

I feel like I’ve been away from home months already, I left Brisbane on Thursday morning and flew to Melbourne (RedrR’s head office) – Had a meeting there for a couple of hours and then had the day free to explore the city (and take some pictures as shown below) before catching the red eye from Melbs to Nadi overnight followed by a short haul across to Suva first thing Friday morning…All went fine apart from me forgetting to select the seating tick box that meant I had to sit behind the row with the screaming baby on the overnight leg….For that reason I spent most of Friday morning unconscious in my hotel room before rocking up to the office in the afternoon for a couple of hours to meet and greet some of my forthcoming colleagues. Being as I’m ‘comms’ I fall under the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster which is run by WFP (world food programme) – The UN cluster system is a new thing for me so I’ll need to be a little diplomatic over the next few months (one of my naturally endearing strong points I’m sure you’ll agree…)

I really only have a small idea of what the work entails and for reasons of security won’t be posting it up on here but it should be interesting and purposeful which makes me more driven and focused, likewise it looks like I could well be here a bit longer than the initial two month contract but that’s yet to be seen!

I’ve met up with some of the other RedR deployee’s all working here under different guises and will say that it’s been a rather social weekend, Friday night was my ‘induction’ at the Holiday Inn hotel whilst Saturday night was slightly more subdued and resulted in watching the All Blacks pull back some good play by the Welsh and an even more shocking win by England….(pictures below…)

So, it’s Sunday night, I’ve had a swim in the pool and am relaxed and ready to face tomorrow’s new day….Wish me luck..:-)

Cheers (and Bula!)





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