Australia V New Zealand (uh oh!)

Ooooh, there’s so much scope here to upset everybody I know in one small blog that I don’t even know where to start….That said the Aussies won’t care because I’m a pom and the Kiwis will completely take it the wrong way anyway….Uh Oh, I’ve started already….:-)

OK so the purpose of this blog wasn’t to discuss the age old head to head that always seems to appear during a bit of ‘cross the ditch banter’…More for me to bring up the conundrum of what I’m trying to decide is currently best for the family and why – Calm ya tits!

So I just booted out our tenants in our house in NZ – They decided that they would like to dick me about with payments e.g. rather than paying upfront for the month they wanted to pay in a couple of instalments across the month, and then the instalments came late etc, the end of the lease was coming up and I just thought it would be a good time to call it quits and reclaim the house whilst I’m not working so we can choose to sell it etc.

So I arrived in NZ yesterday to get the keys for the house…Hmmmm, interesting, water damaged wooden floor, ripped carpet, neglected garden and air conditioning units which are broken etc, not happy….There’s wear and tear to the inside of the house that I accept that to some degree, plus it’s something I can fix myself, bit of paint and filler here and there, I don’t mind that….It’s when I hand my house over to a leasing agent to look after my house and they let it go to pieces that I get pissed off – I may have possible been a little too frustrated when doing the jet washing of the deck…

As you can see from the pics, this is certainly not how I would have handed them the house so I don’t expect it back in this condition, especially when I’m back to sell the place and have prospective clients lined up for Saturday morning….Arrrrrggghhhh!!

So I went for a ‘chat’ with the leasing agent this morning, I was met by two of the staff who asked me what I thought, I told them obviously that I wasn’t pleased and then we went through the list of what we all thought had been damaged by the tenant etc in reviewing their final report on the condition of the property after the tenants had vacated…..They thought the place smelt of dog and needed a better clean basically……err Yes, it does but what about the rest? I mentioned the water damaged floor, nobody had noticed it, I mentioned the ripped and frayed carpet and nobody had noticed that, I mentioned the broken air conditioning invertor because of the neglect of the back of the house and they hadn’t realised that it was not working…………WTF! Anyway, to cut a long story short, they pretty much told me that it was my responsibility to maintain the property wheras I pressed them that it was their responsibility to tell me what needs maintaining in my absence as they are the people looking after it on my behalf….

A difference of opinion ensued, I stopped the meeting and sat there ‘steaming’ with anger at their ridiculously defensive comments only to say that the best way forward was for me to leave, contact my lawyer and review my options…..Before I started swearing….I think they were a little bemused as to the expression of ‘death’ on my face…

So right now I’m in a place where I need to get my house in a ‘sales like’ state for this Saturday whilst being advised that tradesmen need to come round and give quotes for the work that I say needs doing, It then needs to go to trial, get approved / not approved to the amount of the quotes I’ve had provided (and likely adjudicated over an eight week period) all in the time in which I’m supposed to be selling my property. Now, whilst I fully understand the need for full & proper adjudication in order that monies can be settled I do tend to get A BIT PISSED OFF when I’m told that photographic evidence of the claim won’t do and that I should leave the property in its degraded state whilst the judiciary processes are still in action….

“No, piss off, I’m selling my house because the bell end I leased it to needed to look after it better…”

It’s such a shame that leasing agents don’t act as the ‘go between’ in a fair and conditional manner supporting and defending both the tenant and the landlord in an equal fashion.

Anyway, back to my main point (ooops, extended rant there!) I’m here in NZ currently tidying my house where we haven’t lived for four years….but, there’s still signs of when we were here, when the kids were in those years when they were growing up in the outdoors, playing in trees, skateboarding on the driveway, visiting the neighbours and freely, happily exploring our little bit of land that no longer seems to happen where we now live.  Now that’s not a knock of Australia, Aus has it’s pro’s and cons the same as NZ does it’s just sad to know that a lot of memories exist in this house that could / would be good for the kids to revisit after so long that might re-ignite their passion for being outside again.

Revisiting the Aus / NZ argument, Aus has fantastic beaches, weather, camping facilities etc but when you live inland it’s so friggin hot that most of the time the kids just want to play indoors on their computers and there the irony of having beautiful weather is completely rubbed against you, it’s too hot, too humid and you can’t move…Whereas I’ve just spent a whole day working in the garden in NZ, I got mild hypothermia, got soaking wet in the rain, missed the warmth and all my clothes are soaked for tomorrow….But, I did a full day’s work in manageable temperatures….I know next week too that I’m going to throw my pack on my back, head into he hills for a week and just keep walking for days / hours….The weight will fall off, I won’t get too hot and will only need two litres of water a day to survive, if I tried that in QLD I’d be dead by 9AM………..But camping on QLD beaches, OMG…..

But hey, it could be worse, I could be a life insurance salesman in Milton Keynes, fuck that….

My dilemma…Hopefully my blogs will become more interesting again soon, there is the possible hope of a return to the ‘Tarc’ but that may or may not still happen….TBC..


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