Climbing the walls….

Well it’s not quite that bad yet but I reckon it won’t be too long before I start losing my marbles, drawing pictures of my favourite badgers and having ice cream for breakfast whilst wearing a tutu and flippers…It’s been an interesting three months off, I’ve always wanted to just ‘have some time off’ with no plans or reason but I think you quickly come to realise that unless you’ve got something to do then you soon find yourself twiddling your thumbs and pacing up and down needing a sense of purpose…Relaxing on a beach has never really been my style…I always thought I’d be off running, mountain biking, climbing and paddling but ultimately unless your mates are off at the same time you’ve got nobody to go and play with so tend to find that heading out on your own doesn’t appeal quite as much – I’ve been doing a bit of mountain biking and training though my knee is undergoing a bit of recovery recently so I’ve been laying off the crossfit activity for now, hopefully I should be back up to full strength again in another couple of weeks.

A bit more camping has occurred and I have some more planned for the school holidays with the boys, to be honest I’m looking forward to a week exploring Straddie Island with the trailer now fitted out properly, I’d imagine the boys will be fairly quiet given that I’ve now fitted USB charging ports in their tent, I probably won’t see them for a week apart from feeding times…

In terms of keeping myself busy I’ve finally had my application accepted to join the New Zealand Defence Force – Now before we get carried away that purely means that the initial application process has been allowed to progress further, which means that on paper I am deemed as merely suitable at this stage, there’s still a long way to go in terms of actually achieving a role and I’m obviously in competition with a whole range of other younger and better qualified school leavers who are also keen for positions – The earliest I could possibly be considered for starting, if at all, would be next January however I am a realist and don’t want to pin my hopes on it too much!

I’ve now got to submit all manner of information: details of immunisation as a child, school leavers qualifications (both hilarious & dreadful – I got a ‘G’ grade GCSE in information technology which has gone on to be something I have made a fairly lucrative career out of!), police checks, doctors reports and then hopefully I’ll be allowed to attend an assessment day over in NZ. The assessment day is a range of fitness and aptitude tests designed to show up any weakness, I had a look at a few test questions and although they don’t seem too bad they are timed and to my horror include algebra, something I’ve never had a strong interest or affiliation with……Ironically I’m currently borrowing my eldest sons school math books to cram up on…..He, of course, finds that incredibly hilarious and is mocking me at every opportunity…..Every opportunity that is until he finds his internet access has been revoked at system level…Then the silence returns…

Just a note, should you ever migrate to another country make sure you get all of your doctors and medical details BEFORE you leave – The UK in all it’s wisdom is proving exceptionally difficult to assist in finding me my records of immunisation – Given that my records were written on wax sealed parchments and locked away in a stone vault somewhere in an East London cemetery it’s taking an incredibly long time to find the relative of the gatekeeper who once held the keys to that vault and has long since died so that access can be gained….

I’ve been for a few interviews, nothing particularly solid as yet but that may be down to other factors which are influencing our decision making – NZ or Aus continues to be our dilemma – It’s a real shame the Aussies don’t relax their defence force intake rules (e.g. no kiwis) as that would make the decision making far easier – At present the chances of us getting residency and then citizenship in Aus would be the hardest (and least predictable)  path in order to take up a military career so the NZ route seems the best option – Let’s see how the next few months roll along…..!

Cheers for now









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