Helping the Homeless

So, I’m back.

It’s been an interesting few weeks of camping and general odd jobs at home whilst trying to morph back into ‘normal’ existence. I use the word ‘normal’ carefully as I’m not convinced yet…I’m not convinced that walking round with your face in a mobile phone is particularly safe nor does it allow you to enjoy what’s going on in the world around you…(Shut up Stu you miserable old man)

Anyway, today I saw a homeless person who had broken down on the side of the freeway, he looked so wretched and disheveled that I offered him somewhere for the evening which he duly accepted with great thanks…He looked as if he’d traveled a great distance on what can only be described as a barely road worthy vehicle that had all his worldly possessions strapped to the sides. I gave him beer and fajitas for which he was very thankful, he looked as if he hadn’t washed for months, nay, years….T’was a sorry sight…

I asked him where he was going and what his story was – His name was ‘Josh’ and he was travelling by postie bike from Hobart up to Bundaberg in order to raise money for the “Flying Doctor Service”….Not something most of us have done, pretty admirable I thought….

Anyway, he drunk my beer, ate my Fajitas, burped, farted, swore and spawned beard hairs around the place…..But he was happy…

Anyway, please assist this man with his cause, as it is righteous….

Details can be found at:

Please support him…




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