Goodbye Davis

It’s finally happening – After 517 days since leaving Australian shores to come and work at Davis station I will be boarding the Aurora Australis tomorrow to head back home…..Well, that is as long as I can get all my hand luggage on board otherwise I’ll wait for the next boat… 🙂
Resupply V3 004

This week has gone quicker than I thought, thankfully we were on top of everything so even the last minute surprises weren’t that much of an issue to deal with – I’m now sat in my room with a short list of things to finish off tomorrow and I should be on the ship sometime shortly after midday ready to be jammed into a cabin with no doubt three other people, most likely the worst snorers or those with bad personal body odour…(He says sniffing his own pits to decide whether he’s in the running for that role…)

It’s been an unforgettable couple of years, I’ve met some amazing people, been to places I never thought I’d see and done things I still look back on with amazement. It’s hard to not get hooked on the adrenalin that this place can offer you at times, I feel in some ways like I’m stepping off of a ride at Movie World and am now going back to join the queue again. I was trying to think of a list of things that we’ve done here over the last eighteen or so months that stand out as being special, I know I’ll remember heaps more later but for now I think this list is a good summary – In no particular order here are some things that happened:

  • I grew a small and unimpressive beard (a bit like Blackadder)
  • I ran a community radio station
  • We crashed a helicopter
  • I played “Killing in the Name of” on guitar in a band called “Sausage Fist”
  • I held a conversation with a penguin for twenty minutes
  • We built a nightclub (twice)
  • I laid on my back on the ice for 30 mins and watched an Aurora fall into my face
  • I instantly froze the moisture on my eyelids driving a quad with my helmet visor up
  • I managed to aim for a ‘shang’ in darts and actually get it…
  • I did science..
  • I once had a hangover that lasted six days and I had to see the doctor (fact…!!)
  • I stayed off Facebook for three months
  • Drunk Chinese wice rine & lived
  • I visited the last continent I’d not been to (have been to all seven now)
  • I found an entire fish in my butt crack and didn’t know it was there (true story)
  • I learnt to drink tea

A special mention – iCom F50 Radio #002

Last Night on Davis 021

I need to pay a special mention to radio number two – I have lived, slept, worked, eaten, drunk, poooed, weeed and froze with this little friend over the past 18 months since being handed to me by my predecessor Mark Kaisler, this little fella, traditionally the SCTO’s radio, has been lost, thrown, dropped, hidden in the fridge, shouted at, spat into and even dressed up as a Christmas tree during his time with myself and has never missed a beat……..As of tomorrow morning I’m handing him over to Greg Bird to further adventures of his little life journey, good luck my friend, I’m going to miss you…..Apart from when you wake me up beeping in the middle of the night because your battery is running out….I really hated you then…Just saying..

There’s really so much more I could say about Davis, about Antarctica and about what I’m going to miss about being here but it’s probably already been said in prior posts – I reckon I’m going to find it pretty hard stepping onto that ship tomorrow even though I know it’s time to go home now – I have no idea of what I’ll be doing when I get home apart from taking two weeks out to go and sit on some Queensland beaches and try to get some colour back into this pale skin – I’ve got two weeks onboard the Aurora to finally have a bit of a break, sit, read, drink tea and generally lounge about, it’s going to take some getting used to..

I hope anybody reading this has got some enjoyment out of seeing friends and family doing bizarre stuff in other parts of the world, there’s been around 50,000 visits to this blog over the last year so I hope it’s provided some insight into what we do down here – Thanks for putting up with my often strange ramblings, doing this blog has been a great thing for me and a good reminder to look back through every now and again, hopefully I can get it printed into a book when I get some time, I get the feeling I’ll be looking back on these experiences a lot.

So…Well, I guess that’s it….Thanks again, stay safe..



“This is VLZ Davis………Out”








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