Rant….(Warning, contains lots of rant and no pictures)

I did something rather bizarre this evening, I biffed everyone on Facebook apart from my wife…

Now it’s not that I dislike everyone in particular, it’s more that I’m fed up of the nonsense that goes around the internet that distracts us from spending the time we need to practice being a ‘person’ each day. We’ve become so completely ‘media fixated’ that we’ve lost sight of what it is to be a normal, calm, rational people. We’re so inundated with stories of ‘celebrities’ and of ‘dieting tips’ and of ‘100 best holiday destinations’ that we’ve no longer got the time to argue with people about ‘how utterly pathetic their mobile phone is compared to ours’ and that just won’t do…

I’ve found myself increasingly frustrated with world events over the past few months, the whole Israel / Palestine thing, Iraq, ISIS, Syria, Ukraine, MH17 etc – It just seems to be a never ending story of death and evil purely so that the powers that be can prove their point and win their particular arm wrestle for their make believe friend – The media speculation, sensationalism and propaganda is enough to make anyone pick up a gun and fight for a cause without really understanding the reasons why, is it any wonder that kids with access to guns in the states are going into schools and shooting all their class mates when they know they’ll get their two days of fame for it? –  Added to this I’m seeing more and more stupidity regards environmental matters, more coal mines being approved, the removal of taxation and carbon credits for polluters even though the majority of public voice is shouting ‘NO’ to the continued use of fossil fuels and would like to respect what little planet we haven’t broken yet – Politicians and corporate board members seem to forget that we can’t just buy another planet, the environment can wait, we’ve got stakeholders to please!

This is no doubt the part where my ‘unfriended’ friends (Because there’s never a greater insult than being ‘unfriended’ on facebook – Another first world problem!) will read this (or not) and think “It’s OK, Stu’s just gone off the rails because he’s been in Antarctica for 8 months….He’ll be right when he gets back” – Well, quite frankly, I’m thinking the complete opposite, for years now I’ve been dashing about, “earn money here”, “develop this property there”, “buy this luxury item to show off on facebook here” “Must take a selfie of me with this person to show how popular I am” etc  without realising where it’s all going to stop…..Are we really supposed to continue doing that until we drop dead? Personally, being away from ‘Society’ for this length of time has given me some clarity on how absurd modern living has become, working like crazy to be as successful as possible at the expense of everything around is surely nothing short of utter selfishness? We spend very little time with our kids because we daren’t have a day off, when we do we buy them iPads and Playstations and Laptops to put them in front of so we don’t have to interact with them, only then do we have a few hours to ourselves to meet our influential friends (That we really don’t like but feel socially obliged to invite them round to increase our status and update photos on facebook) to brag and drink as much wine as possible until we all pass out…

I remember reading a few years back that the average ‘human’ nowadays has to absorb the same amount of information and learning in a single week as a person in the middle ages would have done in their entire lifetime – Now that I guess should be a good thing, we should be better skilled, better educated, able to help and assist other people with much great capability…..Yes? I don’t think so….

I work in IT, one of the fastest changing industries around, the capacity we have to do ‘things’ nowadays is outstanding, yet we really are doing exactly the same as we were ten years ago….we send emails, we write documents, we ‘communicate’ we store data & we invoice people for services, there are a bunch of newer & more resilient ways to do that presently but fundamentally we still do exactly the same thing – If I had a building full of NT4.0 servers (circa 1998) I reckon we’d be doing the same thing as now albeit a bit slower. The interesting thing is though, if I still had those servers today and I managed to keep my key support staff from when I purchased those servers back in the day I would have engineers who would know that product through and through and would be able to fix any issue within a short time span because they’d have spent years learning their trade and gaining experience. Now that may seem a little far fetched (especially to some of my mates who were probably only born when NT4.0 was coming out) but my argument is this, we spend some much time ‘keeping up’ that we never get to know the capabilities of what we have, we’re always chasing to learn the next technology before we’ve even come close to having an ‘average understanding’ of the capability of the tools we already have in place. It’s endless.

I joked earlier on about finding the time to argue with people about ‘how utterly pathetic their mobile phone is compared to ours’ – I’ve seen that conversation so many times now….Are these real conversations? “My phone’s better than yours because yours was made last year” ” You’ve only got that phone because you’re a fashion victim” “My phone is better because I can get this app for it” etc etc…..If our forefathers of a few hundred years ago knew exactly what they were ‘pioneering’ new lands for they’d have probably given up and stuck an axe through their own heads.

Anyway, my rant is finishing now, my keyboard has been bashed to within an inch of it’s life, I can’t be bothered to type anymore but I have made the decision that Facebook is no longer a good thing for me, I get into arguments too easily, I seethe at the stupid comments of supposedly intelligent people, I do not want to know the score you got in Candy Crush Saga, waste your own life but not mine with that detail – I do not want to know that you scored “Ultimate Minger’ in the “How pretty are you quiz” – I do not want to see a picture of you pouting like you’ve got a hot chip in your mouth & I do not want to see that you’ve spent $70,000 on a brand new car when you don’t own a house and you’re complaining that you’re always skint…..

We all need to go back to basics, and we need to do it soon.









7 thoughts on “Rant….(Warning, contains lots of rant and no pictures)

  1. You are of course 100% right. It’s amazing how much pure shite is on facebook (as well as every other site where people can make comment). I’m amazed. I never heard all the kind of crap you get on facebook when I talked to those same people in the real word, but the stuff (some) people post online is mind numbing. I like facebook for the ability to contact people easily, and It’s nice to be able to check out what they have been up to in the real world. Candy crush? Farmville? wheat free paleo coconut sugar free chocolate cake? Ehh, no. Your IQ..well…if you take the bullshite quiz I’m not gonna need to see the results.

    Good on ya Stu. You are one of the most down to earth, real people I know.
    Hope you decide what you want to do when you come back to the (*unreal*?) world.

  2. Cheers Neil, yes Facebook does have amazing benefits which is what initially gets us all hooked, then, like anything, the numpty factor creeps in and before we know it we’re waking up in the morning a reaching for our phone to check Facebook before we’ve even had our morning cigarette..

    I’m now liking just having Facebook messenger on my phone, I don’t get the bullshit, if people want to talk to me they message me, if they don’t, they don’t – It’s a nice compromise and stops me having to write rants on the internet 🙂

  3. Stu Having just read your post I did struggle ( too strong a word but close) to find the right words. It is enlightening to read these words and I for one understand and agree. One can lead, be successful and grow without the impacts of ‘modern society’ the key is to be strong in your principles and never forget who you are, the rest is yours to decide whether to participate or embrace as you see fit.

    Looking forward to catching up when you are back.


    Sent from my iPhone


    • Cheers Stephen, it’s been interesting to hear peoples comments after my ‘rant’ – I’m pleasantly surprised to understand that I’m not the only one who is thinking that maybe we’ve gone a bit far with social media and the likes – As you say, it is voluntary and we can take it or leave it, that said though it’s been interesting to see people ask me ‘what’s wrong?’ – ‘Why are you now not on Facebook, is everything OK down there?’ etc – By not being on Facebook I am, of course, committing social suicide as there can be no other way of interacting with others nowadays…..Yes, there was mild sarcasm in that last sentence 🙂

      I didn’t use Facebook up until probably five years ago I think? I survived quite well up until that point

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