How long is it since I’ve posted last? Ages, sorry about that, no doubt Eastenders has taken over your lives and you’ve no doubt forgotten who I am and what I’m doing and you no longer care about what’s going on down South, tragic, I know and all my fault….

BUT! You no longer need fear for being left out of touch with the deep South, we have gone a little bit crazy with our radio station (which in fairness has taken up a fair bit of time) and it’s now available online for you to listen to the things we do…

Davis Radio

We run a show for about 90 minutes a week, the ideas are getting more stupid and adventurous, we’re even thinking about taking the whole thing mobile and running out to some of the icebergs and doing a show from there and recording it, that will be hilarious, especially if we can get some penguins to rock up later in the season…

Anyway, can’t type too much tonight as it’s late but have some photos anyway…:)













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