Cabin Fever

I expect more views on this post due to the title, plenty of people have been convinced we’d all have it by now and will certainly be going a bit potty by the end of our stint down here. I’d say that if there is a period of time down here when we’re going to get cabin fever then now is the most likely time, the last time I got off station was back around the beginning of March for a walk to Watts hut to partake in some lake sampling. That trip was pretty much the last chance of getting out before the bigger snow dumps came in and smothered the Vestfolds in a thick layer of powder that makes walking to huts a bit on the tiresome side….I love walking but to wade through a metre of powder for 20kms really isn’t my idea of fun.

The Winter weather started to kick in pretty much as soon as we got back from that last trip and has been slowly freezing the sea out the front in order to turn it into our next travel medium. We’re waiting for two things to happen, one, we have substantial enough ice depth to be able to support the weight of our travel (200mm for walking, 400mm for quad bike travel, 600mm for Haggland travel) and two, we need to have approval from Kingston to gain access which is usually only after a specific date each year. For the last couple of weeks we have had a few guys out on the ice to take sample measurements and record the depth of the ice as it continues to freeze thicker – We’re at about 400mm of ice currently near the station with the depth at about 350mm up to a couple of kms off the station, the recent weather has been fairly cold, lots of minus thirty days which will have helped.

We’ve had a couple of nice auroras on station now, still not as massive as we can expect but they are a good chance to get out and experiment with the camera and get used to how it should be setup so that when the good ones comes along I don’t miss them. They are very odd things, to the eye they aren’t as green as some of the photos I’ve taken though they are very active, if you can imagine a cloud that is wriggling in the same way as a line of surf would as it approaches the land then this is about as good a description as I can give, likewise they look as if someone is just sprinkling dust down from the sky, they’re pretty amazing to watch especially given that all that particle energy is simply given off by solar flares that have travelled from the sun and are now reaching the ends of the earth.

As a bit of a laugh some of us have setup a ‘radio station’ where we get together for a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon and record some music, play some darts, drink a few beers and generally talk rubbish, we record the session and then play it over the airwaves to the other expeditioners on station – I was asked to write a short bit about what we do for the AAD’s website which is as follows:

Having spent the last five months at Davis the most commonly repeated topic of conversation is about what music to play on the PC in the upstairs LQ area…A bad choice will often see an ‘offender’ having to run for cover and will certainly result in them being ‘escorted’ from the vicinity of the PC and not allowed back anytime soon, I believe ‘The Gambler’ by Kenny Rogers was finally deleted from the music PC due to many incidents of this nature during the Summer. Music is something we’re all passionate about, all have an ‘expert’ opinion on and all have better tastes than anyone else on station – With this in mind a few of us got together this Sunday with the idea that we could get a few of our favourite songs and stories together and record a short ‘session’ that we could play back over our local ‘radio station’. We’ve got two radio stations here, one which transmits whatever the slushy is listening to that day (Slushy FM) and the other which is transmitted from over at comms called ‘Pirate FM’ – So as not to upset the slushy we chose Pirate FM as our station of choice for this experiment. Myself, Corey and Paul decided we’d start with four songs each and took it in turns to introduce them along with the reason that we chose them, I don’t think a tougher decision has ever been made in the history of Davis station as to what four songs to pick, the three of us looked quite frantic for most of Sunday  – The critical ingredient to this was to ensure that we captured the usual ‘banter’ and atmosphere found on Friday evenings so we had to ensure that the regular thought provoking tools were present in the form of a dart board, some beers and a pack of chips to get the creative juices flowing – Funnily enough this worked quite well…

We did have some ground rules for our Sunday session which went as follows:

Rule 1: No talking about anyone on station (Subsequently broken within three minutes and numerous times thereafter)

Rule 2: No bad language (Again broken within 90 seconds though reduced to only four incidents two of which ‘appeared’ as part of the songs)

Rule 3: We can’t remember Rule three

Rule 4: No songs of duration extending 6 minutes (New rule founded during Corey’s fourth song which turned out to be a 19 minute punk song that he failed to inform us of until he introduced it).

We played the first ‘live session’ to the station on Monday afternoon and so far we haven’t been “booo’d” when entering the mess, we’ve decided that we’ll try it again this week and have even invited a ‘special guest’ to bring in their four fav tracks (Said person is now also going through the dilemma of what four tracks to choose from) – So between now and the next session  we’ve got some work lined up, Corey is having online vocal coaching sessions, Paul is receiving ongoing treatment for potential tourette syndrome and as we’re going to set ourselves up a better equipped studio in the Aviation Ops room I now have to relocate all the equipment and the dartboard.

Don’t forget to email us your requests at and tune in to Pirate FM on 107.1 (If you’re within a ten mile radius of Davis station)…..Oh and you can’t text us…That doesn’t work..

Seriously though, if you have got a request for anyone on station send it through to me on that email address (it does work) and I’ll make sure I read it out to them 🙂

The weekly recorded sessions are uploaded to the following publicly accessible location: Davis-Radio but are deleted the following week due to size.

Cheers for now


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