Merry Chrimbo!!

Good evening my lovelies..

Firstly, an apology is in order for my slackness in recent weeks, I knew I hadn’t created a new post for a while but sitting down tonight has made me realise quite how long it’s been, I’ll try not to be as bad in future!

My last post was about the helo incident here, just so you know our colleagues are making amazing ground in their treatment, only one of them is now in ongoing treatment as far as I know, the other two are now walking, talking and generally going about their day to my knowledge. Again, exceptionally lucky people!

So, what have I been doing? Well one of the reasons that I’ve been a bit slack with the blog is due to joining the ‘Davis Station Band’……<pause for effect>……..Yep, OK, well we do have a band ‘hut’ here and a few of us have been getting together a few evenings a week to put together a set for Christmas eve. Somehow we have managed to get a rag tag crew of ‘musicians’ (phrase used in the losest of terms) together to cover eight fairly well known songs, the irony being that what has been about four weeks of pretty hard work now amounts to a set which lasts about twenty eight minutes all up…Oh well…! Still, I have been enjoying it, I’m playing guitar, which is what everyone else seems to play too, and we’re getting things together – We play Tuesday night, we have one night of practice left, tomorrow, wish us luck, we’re going to need it….!

Other things that have been going on, I recently had to get up to one of our VHF repeater antennae and replace a solar panel, the original plan was to quad bike there but the sea ice is currently melting due to the summer weather which has made it unsafe to do so, for that reason myself and a couple of others walked the twenty kilometre round trip there with survival packs, the panel and tools and fixed it on day one, spent the night in the nearby ‘Watts Hut’ and then walked out the next day…Good weather, awesome scenery and a hilarious night in the hut trying to decide on the band name….Needless to say, and I won’t go into too much detail but ‘Sausage Fist’ was not considered to be an acceptable name by other members of the band so was dropped.

We’ve been starting up SAR (Search and Rescue) training for the winter teams, last week we did ice cliff rescues, tomorrow I’m heading out for a day to do rock cliff rescues which should be equally good, we still have another five days of SAR training split over the next few weeks so it’s nice to dedicate a day a week to something fun.

Today was a fairly relaxed day, got up and went cross country skiing to Gardner Island on the sea ice. The sea ice is due to be closed soon due to the melting so we took this opportunity to get out and see the island for the last time which now has all the Adelie penguins and their newly hatched chicks. Awesome weather, a hilarious time skiing without too much mishap and some great photo chances on the seaward side of the island as the penguins played around on the ice and wandered over to check us out.

I should probably end this here for tonight as I have an early start tomorrow, if I don’t update this soon I’ll take the opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas now – Yes we may all be stuck down here in Antarctica but we have a lot of things planned for the day to keep us busy. I also have a bottle of rum 🙂



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