Woop Woop!

Its been a week full of injury, bonkers things and Woop Woops…

Tuesday I thought I’d broken my spine, I was walking down the path to the wharf when I took off on the slipperiest patch of ice known to man (it truly was!), I was practically horizontal and in mid air before I knew what was going on – I slapped the ground and landed completely flat on my back, a bursting pain went through my spine and lots of lights started flashing. I laid there completely still having a moment where I genuinely thought that “This is the moment, this is the moment where I end up in a wheelchair, unable to run or move for the rest of my life” – The pain was immense and temporarily I couldn’t move. I reached for the VHF in my pocket and called VLZ Davis for assistance, gave a location, requested the doc and gave a summary of suspected spinal injury. Judy, the doc, arrived and along with Rob who works with me in comms they spinal rolled me and checked me out, by this stage I could feel my toes, move fingers and started to self assess realizing I was OK, to cut a long story short I am OK but have a bruised ego and lungs…I was not happy but am slowly mending…

Next day, I decided to take out my quadcopter for it’s first Antarctic flight as the weather had vastly improved, bad idea! It took off and went bonkers…It started pitching and rolling and disappearing at a rate of knots seemingly in a bid to find it’s way back to Brisbane…The only option was to bring it down hard which I did without breaking it so I decided to recalibrate it this time….Nah, even worse, It bolted…..I brought it down much harder this time and then shut it down.,,,It started back up and flew off again…… The problem ended with me chasing it, wrestling it to the ground to keep it under control and it biting me with it’s carbon blades under duress…

So, as to today (Friday) where a team of six of us took the new accommodation hut up to an area known only as ‘Woop Woop’. the hut was transported from Kingston on the Aurora Australis and was originally kitted out by myself and Rob back in Kingston with some radio kit. Woop Woop itself is a ‘skiway’ (not a runway) up on the glacier and about 35kms from Davis station, a rather odd location but nevertheless a flat one where planes can land during summer when all the sea ice has melted. We used the snow groomer to tow it as it was on a sled, this was assisted by two Hagglands also carrying various bits of additional kit.

I could talk about the drive in but it wont make any sense until you’ve seen the pics…So at this point I’ll shut up and show some – Needless to say we go the hut to its location, tested the comms and then came home, it took twelve hours, I’m knackered and I have to run fire training tomorrow at 9am which I haven’t even devised a training plan for yet….

So I’d best get some kip!



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