Now I’m not complaining but I’ll be glad when this week is over – We’ve been flat out since the ship arrived and it would be good to have a few hours breathing space to be able to get the usual admin stuff done like washing some clothes and getting my room in some sort of order, as it is we’re all in some form of organized chaos at present with no real structure to our days. It’s nearly over now though so we’re all starting to look forward to a days semi resting.

I managed to carry out a handover for the Fire Chief role today with the initial team of guys now rostered on for the next couple of weeks in case of fire, we’re probably looking at three teams of six, whether they stay rostered for one week or two weeks at a time is yet to be seen, we’ll see how this first lot goes.

The fuel all got transferred successfully without any spills which is great, the hose got rolled up yesterday and we’re now just reloading the ship with any final containers to return to Australia before the resupply can be declared complete. Once it is complete we say goodbye to the team of the 66th ANARE who will sail home to their families and friends after their long winter, they’ve been a good bunch to meet and have been very welcoming considering that we’ve invaded what has been their home for the last year and taken it over. The ceremony of handing over ‘the keys’ between the station leaders took place tonight and we all had a drink of ‘pop’ to celebrate – This has been a ‘dry’ resupply with no alcohol allowed, given the hours we’ve worked and the machinery in constant use I’d say that was a good decision, it’ll still be a couple of days before we can open up the bar here but that doesn’t really change anything for me being on the first fire team for the next couple of weeks anyway.

I’ve also taken responsibility for my main area of work which is running the comms team, the old guys have done a pretty good job of documenting it all and getting it ready for us so it’s been fairly smooth, like anything in I.T. though you won’t really know what the issues are until you get stuck into it and scratch below the surface. We seem to have a vast number of antennas on site which will need to be inspected regularly, looking forward to being outside the office and just climbing the towers to be honest, something I couldn’t have done in my old job so I’m certainly not going to be complaining! Talking of offices, my daily commute from the living quarters to the operations building takes me approximately thirty seconds, I don’t get caught at any lights, parking isn’t an issue (nor is it needed as I walk) and I don’t need to wear a suit anymore which is nice. That said though, when the weather changes here and we get a ‘blizz’ come through we will be stuck in the living quarters until it clears and only able to remotely access any of the systems I work on…..On those days I’ll be using the old cliché of “working from home”…

Survival training will hopefully start in the next couple of weeks which will see us out in the field getting accustomed to the kit we use to keep us alive, a few nights going to ground in snow holes and hopefully some good walking to be done to a couple of the huts we have up on the glaciers, I’ll be sure to bombard you with some more boring photos when that happens….

Righto, picture time 🙂



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