Look at this, only two days into the week and I’m already updating the blog, must be good…

This week is five days straight of fire training, this was always going to be a highlight for me as I’m still fairly new to fire fighting, only been with Pine Mountain Rurals for about a year and haven’t done too much other than training to date. I was just starting to get trained up on driving the truck before I left which was great…..I just needed correction to stop shouting “Neee Naaawwww, Neeee Naaawww” every time we chucked on the old Blues and twos 🙂

Day 1

Monday saw us driving to ‘Tasmanian Fire Service’ in Cambridge where we were swiftly divided into two groups of ten and were put straight into it first thing, BA training (breathing apparatus), setting up, pressure, leakage and low pressure warning testing followed by some confidence in confined spaces, complete darkness, smoke, no torches, just buddying up and communicating with each other through tunnels and up / down stairs. In the afternoon we carried out the same scenario’s but in buildings with closed doors / windows and fires inside adding to the realism, recovering a casualty and putting out the fire started to give more purpose obviously.

Day 2

Today we swapped around with the other group and hit the more basic parts of fire fighting similar to the FMS course I attended last year, extinguishers, their types, fire types, applications and usage, situational awareness and a whole raft of common sense stuff, the afternoon was running out the different hoses common to most attack appliances though doubtful we’ll see much of the high end stuff down where we’re going.

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