Asbestos Awareness Training

This will be a quick one as I need to be somewhere (Friday and all that…) but I thought it would be good to upload some of the shots from today as they were pretty funny..

Oh yes....The temptation to run into an adjacent office and scream at everyone to get on the floor was very powerful...

Oh yes….The temptation to run into an adjacent office and scream at everyone to get on the floor was very powerful…

We had Asbestos training today, there’s evidently still a fair bit on base which isn’t necessarily an issue but certainly something we need to understand and be cautious of – For those not in the know, Asbestos was a wonderful material designed and made by humans for building purposes many years back, it’s main strength is that it’s fire retardant and for that reason is found in many applications where the transfer of heat between two ‘rooms’ or ‘spaces’ is unwanted e.g. fire doors, between floors etc..

Anyway, this stuff does some pretty nasty damage to the lungs when it is broken up into a powdered form, the fibres are microscopic but can be transferred aerobically into your lungs by simple exposure to an environment with a reasonable ACM (Asbestos contained material) level. There’s many cases of people with lung cancer, asbestosis and another disease (which has lots of letters) which effectively destroys peoples ability to breathe, it’s horrendous stuff – The order of the day is that if the product is undisturbed e.g. in a wall, surrounding a pipe and not in a fibrous form then it is safe, however if you start drilling, breaking down or cutting the material it will quickly crumble and get into the air and ultimately your lungs…

Today we learnt about how to recognise it, the different types, where it can be found and more importantly how to report, understand and work in environments that have a registered amount of asbestos content….Then it was time to examine the PPE and look at the weak points, different breathing systems, masks etc. The funniest thing was when you remove the PPE obviously most people seem to think that they are safe, when you remove it all that happens is you disturb any asbestos that is on your PPE and put it back into the air around you ready for you to breath it in….So to make it stick we use hairspray to make sure it doesn’t come off the overalls……Excellent…

Anyway, some pics are here, plus an additional pic sent to us by Steve of him sinking a Hagg in the local lake….We haven’t seen him since….Oh….



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