Week 4…..Already?

I’m updating this not because I’ve anything to say in particular but more for something to do..Here, have a couple more pics of Hobart just for the hell of it…

So, the weekend vanished, we moved hotels and apartments to go back to the Quest Trinity (Corner of Brooker and Davenport) where we were placed in apartment two. Apartment two sucked for wireless internet access so with a little bit of persuasion I asked that we moved to a spot where we could get some good wireless coverage…Apartment eleven, as shown below in all it’s awesomeness……

Don’t get me wrong, the internet is not completely broken but lets just say that if you went into a restaurant and ordered some chips, you’d have certain expectations, if the waiter arrived with a bowl containing two ‘chips’ you can’t actually say that they haven’t delivered what you asked for because technically they have…….However, that would be utterly rubbish and not acceptable!

So I thought I’d mention about our survival kits, we have to take a survival kit everywhere with us (but not around Hobart……), especially when travelling in vehicles in the event that we may get stranded and need to, erm, well, survive….

They contain:

  • The biggest pair of boots I’ve ever seen, honestly, the last time I saw a pair of this nature they were being worn by someone they had one leg longer than the other…
  • Merino Thermals
  • Mid layer polar fleece top and bottoms
  • Goretex shell top and bottoms
  • Wicked awesome gloves that you can pretend to be a Tauntaun with..
  • Gore Windstopper Balaclava
  • Shoe chains (poor mans crampons)
  • Survival guide
  • Massive wooly socks that you can make two entire sheep out of..
  • Ski Goggles

2 thoughts on “Week 4…..Already?

  1. Cheers Stephen, yep, nothing too exciting just yet, mostly IT training on fairly basic level stuff, a couple more weeks and we step up to fire and SAR training so hopefully I’ll have more to talk about…Watch this space 🙂 Cheers, Stu

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